Impacts of Diversificaions among Management Education providers

The Increasing diversifications and
differentiation among providers of management of business education is a
worldwide phenomenon today. There are generally three broad categories of
providers that exist.


These categories includes traditional
university-based business schools, for-profit institutions and lastly a large
group of other providers that includes executive development centers,
consulting firms, independent consultants, and company based training centers
and corporate universities.


According to a report of 1998 by the European Training Foundation’s
Torino Group found out the challenge that the last category of providers possesses
to traditional university-based business schools in Europe, notifying that
traditional schools are now in competition with executive development centers,
training companies, management consulting firms, in firm company training centers
and corporate universities. The somewhat similar observations can be made about
developments in other regions of the world.


There is no blindness in the employer market regarding this differentiation
among providers. Indeed, employers tend to discriminate by offering drastically
different rewards to degree-holders depending on the reputation of the school
from which they graduated, especially at the MBA level.


Thus the employers understand the values that the
environment of the business schools holds, as it’s the reflection of the kind
of management principles taught to that recently graduated and it decides the
level the person deserves to attain in the organization.


Considerably Substantial differences exist as well within
the AACSB membership, for example, some factors for the same are Mission, size of operating
budget, institutional control and size of faculty. Finally, although more
difficult to measure, traditional university-based business schools use to account
for only a fraction of the broad management education industry.


Thus, the employers today are well aware of the factors that
form the managerial character of the person. ThusFind Article, students should keep it in
mind and should try to attain their management degree from the top of the
management institutions. 

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