Important Points to consider in Online Backup Solutions


Internet is moving very fast. Everything on internet depends on the kind of web server or data server you are using. The fast your data will be delivered to the end user the more traffic you will get. That’s why most of the companies are now relying on online backup solutions. Online backup solutions backup the data thus allowing users to recover it by using a specific process.Manual Upload Vs Auto UploadThere are mainly two options when it comes to upload the data to the backup server – manual or automatic. A manual upload requires the user to upload the data at specific time intervals manually. In this case, uploading depends on the user. On the other hand, automatic backup involves uploading of data continuously to the back up server automatically. The uploading time can be set by the user. Generally, it happens at mid night as the load on server is slow. Files/Folder Versioning or ArchivingSome online backup solutions offer file versioning under which the server keeps the older file versions that have been overwritten or deleted for future archive in case user needs to get them. It allows users to procure an older version file that has been deleted accidentally.Data SecurityGenerally, most of the online backup solutions perform data encryption on data while it is getting backed up to the online backup server. This is known as encryption session. Online backup solutions employ a variety of encryption options for backup session such as SSL, AES and Blowfish.Customer SupportLast but not the least, the kind of customer service is of prime importance and scores much higher than other points. Always look for high class customer service as you might need it anytime during any kind of exigency.Robertson technologies delivers honest and straightforward online backup solutions across the UK. We act as the IT Department for hundreds of companies, providing a fast response to clients’ problems and eliminating their technical troubles by being their single point of contact for all their computer queries.

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