Improving Working Capital Management and Credit Card Processing

A combined approach to working capital management and credit card processing strategies should not be forgotten in any cost-reduction efforts for a business. With the challenging economic situation faced by most businesses throughout the United States, this is even more important for business survival.

One of the most overlooked working capital management activities is credit card processing. By using more appropriate working capital management options, a successful credit card processing program is likely to eliminate most credit card factoring complications.

Improvements to credit card financing services should result in several working capital benefits by producing better cash flow and simultaneously eliminating credit card processing problems via more advanced business financing approaches. The total cost benefits of combining programs in this manner can be impressive and valuable in efforts to increase business profitability.

As I noted in an earlier commercial loan article, for any business that accepts credit cards as a method of payment, a business cash advance (obtained via credit card processing and credit card financing) is a critical working capital financing tool that is often overlooked. Even thriving businesses frequently need more capital than they can borrow via a business loan from a bank. However, what is typically even more overlooked by many business owners is the opportunity to reduce their operating costs at the same time that they obtain additional cash.

Credit card receivables financing is an excellent alternative to consider when a merchant is seeking a short-term business loan, an unsecured commercial loan and improved strategies for credit card processing and management. However, there are a number of working capital management difficulties to be avoided with all of these programs. As with most successful business financing strategies, there will typically be only a few lenders that are effective at properly executing the combined tasks.

Because of this, the prudent choice of an appropriate provider of credit card processing and credit card factoring is of critical importance to any business owner that accepts credit cards. I published a special report describing the ten critical problems to avoid in an effort to advise about the importance of avoiding several prominent providers of these services.

For merchants either displeased with their credit card processing services or wondering if cost reductions are achievable, a receivables financing program which eliminates all of the ten critical working capital management difficulties described above should be seriously considered. One of the key reasons for evaluating these functions in this joint fashion is that the low-cost providers of the best business cash advance services will probably be using the lowest-cost and best providers of processing services.

In many cases, the best and lowest-cost providers of credit card processing are simply not available to the average business owner other than as part of a working capital management plan encompassing both factoring and processing. The efforts to combine these services will usually justify the coordination because of the resulting economies of scale.

Merchants should not lose sight of the substantial working capital management advantages which are likely to accrue to their business by effectively combining credit card financing and credit card processing services. As described above, reduced costs and cash flow improvements are major goals of successful funding alternatives, and the prudent coordination of financing strategies should accomplish both of these difficult goals together.

The best results provided by a combined approach to working capital management as discussed above will be realized by a business which is seeking to reduce operating costs and raise more capital. While these joint goals are likely to be desirable for any successful businessFind Article, the approaches noted here will only be available to businesses which accept credit cards as a regular form of payment for their products or services.

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