IN: LA Card American Express

American Express, founded in 1850, is one of the oldest and most respected financial institutions in the world. Recently they have added a new product named IN: LA Card to their credit card line.

With the In: LA Card, American Express aims to serve those who either stay in or are required to frequent Los Angeles. The card can be used anywhere and everywhere American Express Cards are accepted; only that you will need to have a good credit history to qualify for the card.

In: LA Card from American Express brings the users great many rewards and benefits. Once a card is issued to an individual, he/she is inducted into the special rewards program. The reward-program entails point system. The cardholders are awarded points for using the card for payments.

The card charges no annual fee. The introductory rate is 0% for the first six months on purchases and balance transfers. Thereafter, the APR rises to 12.24%, which is again relatively low for a reward card.

Unlike some American Express Cards (where full payment has to be made every month), this card allows you to carry balances. This allows larger purchases and opportunities for earning more points.

The most attractive feature of the card is its Tuesday IN: LA program. Use this card at select retailers, spas and health clubs on Tuesdays and get 10% off on your bills. This card also allows you to jump the queue for access to clubs and V.I.P. rooms. You can also make precious savings on museum memberships, concert tickets, etc.

You can view on-line the latest billing information – including your recent transactions, charges and payments 24/7. You can also make on-line payments and balance transfers.

Rewards Program

For every dollar spent, you earn what is called one INSIDESM point. You earn double INSIDE Rewards points on city essentials like dining, movie theatre purchases, cell phone service, cable and satellite TV, gym memberships, even on newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

You can earn unlimited REWARD-points for which there is no expiry date. Points earned in the city can be redeemed in New York and Chicago also. You can share your points with friends and family by transferring your points into one INSIDE Rewards account.

Other Features

The IN: LA card American Express offers all the standard benefits of American Express Card like travelPsychology Articles, accident and auto rental insurance and fraud protection services. The official American Express web site will give you more details.

Make full payment after the introductory period and gather as many reward points as you can by taking advantage of the cards point program. IN: LA Card American Express will make sure that your next outing (whether it be Los Angeles or some place else) is on the house.

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