In Search of the Best Low Interest Rate Credit Card

Notice how many swipe cards in the market use low interest offers to attract more cardholders? Are you in search of a low interest card yourself? Do you know how to find the card with the best offer? If you already one card, should you go and apply for a new card with a lower interest rate?

In this article, let’s answer these questions one by one. Should you get a LOW APR credit card? Many people prefer to use their old cards even though there are cards with much lower interest available in the market. But with the competition among credit card companies increasing, each issuer is doing its best to attract more customers. For card holders, this can be a great thing. The fact is, getting a card with a lower interest rate can enable you to save significantly from your spending.

Imagine how much you can save by not paying the additional 14% to 19% interest each month. Even if you intend to pay off your monthly charges in full, there may be some instances when you need to carry over your balance and pay the interest. During these instances, having a low APR credit card protects you from the risk of debt build-up. So if your current credit card has a high APR, it’s not too late to find a low interest card that you can use for your purchases. This doesn’t mean that you have to close your old account right away.

If you’ve had that card for years, you don’t have to close it. Closing your oldest accounts would be like erasing the oldest parts of your credit history. Nevertheless, you won’t have to use your high interest card frequently. If you must use your old card to prevent it from closing, you can charge only a small amount of purchase and pay it off in full as soon as you can. How can you find the card with the best offer? Again, the market presents a number of choices for low APR cards.

As a consumer, it is up to you to research for the card with the best offer. One good place to start is a reputable card review website. Here, you can find that the cards are arranged in specific categories which make it easier for you to find a list of low interest cards right away. Each card is reviewed based on its best and weakest points so you can narrow down your choices more easily.

However, take note that online reviews do not discuss everything about the credit cards. If you really want to learn the complete information about a particular card, visit the official card’s website and read the full Terms & Conditions.

It is always worth noting that low APR credit cards often require good to excellent credit. Have you checked your credit report yet to see if you’re qualified? Make sure that your credit score is enough to get approved. OtherwiseFind Article, your application can get rejected and your credit score can be affected.

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