Incorporate One Page Checkout on Your Ecommerce Site

When you shop online do you ever leave items in your shopping cart because the checkout process is taking too long or requires too much information? This happens all the time and it is a big problem for ecommerce sites. It is referred to as cart abandonment and websites are constantly looking for ways to improve the checkout process and reduce the number of customers that abandon their carts. There are many ways to go about making checkout easier and faster, one of which is not requiring buyers to create an account. This is effective and saves a lot of time. When this is incorporated with a one page checkout then your ecommerce site will quickly become a site that has fewer cart abandonment issues simply because shoppers can get in and out fast and in a secure process. If you are wondering what benefits a one page checkout could offer your website then keep reading.

People shop online in order to save time, in many cases. Offering a one page checkout option will certainly allow shoppers to save a great deal of time and create positive feelings towards your website. If you are really interested in making the checkout process easier and faster for your customers as well as interested in keeping them around as customers then consider a one page checkout.

Sales Conversion
Sales conversion for website with a one page checkout as opposed to similar sites with multiple page checkout will vary significantly. The websites with a one page checkout will find that they see less shopping cart abandonment and that more customers complete their orders. Sites with multi page checkout processes will find cart abandonment to continue to be an issue. In fact, cart abandonment may occur with up to 50% of customers simply because it takes too long to check out.

Another benefit to one page checkout is using a shopping cart with memory that can store a customer’s credit card information and even their last purchases. This will make for even faster checkouts in the future and happy customers.

Don’t let your customers find other websites simply because your checkout process takes too much time. InsteadArticle Search, invest in a shopping cart and one page checkout that will make your customers happy and improve your sales!

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