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The State of Indiana is located in Midwestern and Great Lakes regions of North America. The recent population count of this state is almost 6.5 million according to the United States Census Bureau. Indiana State is divided into ninety two counties which are managed by the board of county commissioners. Each county has their own circuit court with an elected judge given with a six year term. In heavily populated counties where caseload is larger in number, they are given separate courts to prioritize counties cases and Indiana Criminal RecordsCounty officials in the State include an auditor, recorder, treasurer, sheriff, clerk of the circuit court that are elected have only four-year terms in service. These county officials are created by local ordinance to handle minor offenses and not considered courts of record.A criminal record presents significant information of a certain individual having a case. It includes the complete name, age, current and previous residence, case and case number among others. Requesting a copy of the said file are available and given for legitimate law enforcement purposes only and to authorized applicant agencies. Certain documents including a criminal record are requested for particular reasons examples are applying for a job, getting a license, getting a certificate, foreign adoptions, visa or immigration and by agencies seeking authorization for background checks for would-be employees. This said document is strictly required to provide safety and security to a person and the company.Each state has its own definition of the word expungement based on different rules and laws. Some states in America may not use the term expungement but rather use terms like expunction, removal or destruction of criminal records, but this criminal records may not completely disappear and may still be available to law enforcement and judges. Here is the list of codes that contains the Statute of Indiana regarding on expunging, sealing, destroying or concealing criminal records. IC 35-38-5-1 covers the expungement of criminal records where there was no conviction. Under these were petition, grounds, verification, filing, contents, service, notice of opposition and hearing. IC 3-38-5-5 covers the limitation access of criminal information following a conviction of person discharged from probation, imprisonment or parole. IC 10-13-6-18 covers expungement of DNA evidence. The Indiana State Police Department monitors and updates online database containing criminal records. It allows searchers to view such information anytime and anywhere. A special account can be made for employers and part of the law enforcement agencies that require many searchers. The cost for each search is $15. For non-subscriber, search will cost $16.32 and will be paid via credit card. Mail requests cost $7 via money order or certified check. Public Criminal Records can this time be extracted from an online database. Recorded files since the 1970s were stored and can be searched in the Indiana State Archives online database. The Indiana Department of Corrections has an online archive for those who opt to go search online. One just needs to prepare the important details prior to initializing the lookup such as the full name and offender number of the person. 

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