Instant Chase Credit Card Approval Program: The Advantages for Cardholders


It might seem strange, but even with a poor credit history it is possible to get approval for a new credit card instantly. The program has been introduced by Chase and Bank of America in an effort to reinvigorate spending, and help the economy on the road to recovery. So the criteria to get instant Chase credit card approval is not very difficult to satisfy.The fact is that credit card companies need to continue to approved credit cards in order to keep their own business on track. So, there is a window of opportunity to applicants who have a regular source of income to get a card with a modest credit limit. Whether choosing Chase or Bank of America credit cards, the advantages are the same.But there are more benefits than just the usual credit card incentives to look forward to. By securing a card under the instant approval program, consumers get the chance to rebuild their credit rating too.The Basic IncentivesIn case any reminder is required, the basic benefits that come with getting instant Chase credit card approval is fast access to much-needed funds. However, there are more benefits than simply fast access. New card holders also receive incentives like no annual fee, an introductory 0% APR, and a clear line of credit.It would be unrealistic to expect either Chase or Bank of America credit cards to be granted to bad credit borrowers instantly with a very high credit limit. But, there is a selection of credit limits at competitive interest rates. The card scheme also offers 0% charges on purchases (for 6 months) and on balance transfers.These credit card incentives are great, but the promise of instant approval is the chief attraction. Because the application is made online, it can take just seconds for approval to be confirmed. After that, the card (either VISA or MasterCard) will be delivered in 5 and 7 working days.  The Real BenefitsThere are two more significant benefits available when getting instant Chase credit card approval. The first is that access to credit funds is so quickly confirmed, and the second is that a golden opportunity to improve credit scores is provided.Fast approval lends greatly to reducing the financial strain we can be under. The most stressful part of applying for a loan or credit card is the waiting period. Often, we need to know as quickly as possible if the card is to be granted. So, when seeking a Chase or Bank of America credit card, we can know within a few seconds if our hopes are to be upheld.But perhaps the most significant benefit is that, by securing these cards, the cardholder has a chance to put right the mistakes of the past. Using the credit card incentives, it is possible keep spending low and ensure the balance is repaid on time. Gradually, your credit score improves.Use Your Card WiselyIn fact, using any credit card wisely is the key to staying on top of your debt. This practice can start from the moment instant Chase credit card approval is secured by resisting the temptation to celebrate.It is a good idea to use a credit card for specific purposes, and not every day. For example, use a card to make sure bills are paid on time each month, or to use as an emergency when unexpected expenses crop up. Perhaps, they should only be used to book flight, hotels and theater tickets.In this way, the costs associated with a Chase or Bank of America credit card can be kept to the minimum, with repayments kept under control. And remember to use the credit card incentives to your advantage to get the very best from the card.

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