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This category varies from a person to person and there can be huge variety of reasons for which the client is stated to be a high risk client and is made to pay a fortune in terms of the high risk client car insurance policy.Firstly the first factor to understand when you go for an insurance policy and think that you may belong to the high risk category is that, although the insurance companies have some standard norms for regularizing the insurance policies and are quite common in their working parameters of classifying the incoming clients but individually still they are quite different and see the client side with different perspective. Hence it can be concluded that a client which may be categorized as a high risk client with one insurer might not be the same with the other one. So it is important to survey the insurance companies and make a note of all that don’t put you in the high risk zone as you may get a very cheap quote from them.The common reasons for which you may fall into the high risk car insurance zone are:•    More than two accidents in three years where you are concluded to be at fault.•    Three or less accidents in two years where the owner is concluded no to be at fault.•    Getting insured a luxury car.•    A violator of a major driving violation like reckless driving suspended license driving etc.•    Inability to pay insurance premiums or having a gap of more than 30 days between the payments of insurance premiums due for a date.Some of the above reasons stated above can be corrected over the time, so as to get them off your insurance record and observing that you can again be eligible for the standard car insurance plan. These corrections can be like that the owner now regularly pays the insurance premium amount and is insured for a good amount of time. The owner buys a car which is not stated in the high theft list of the state and is less likely to be touched and damaged. Also with some driving authorizations and certifications, the accident record can be cleaned off resulting in a shift from the high risk car insurance category.

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