Internet Security: 5 Tips For Identity Theft Protection


This is the time of year when we are all shopping for gifts for family
or customers, and the last thing we need is for our bank or credit cards
account to be hindered.  That is exactly
what these “cyber grifters” are counting on, and unfortunately some of us are
tempted to follow the instructions sent to investigate. 


First and foremost, DON’T FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE EMAIL!  If you think there might be a problem, access
the account in question as you normally do on your PC and not with the link
supplied in the phony email.


I’ve had some very authentic looking email supposedly from banks, that
even went so far as to copy the colors of the bank logo and stationery
style.  But, don’t fall for the
scam.  In fact, don’t even open the
email, because many are just set to loose a virus program on your computer by
being opened.  Simply forward the
suspicious email to the “spoof email” address supplied by your bank, or credit
card company.


Nearly 10 million Americans fell prey to identity theft last year,
costing businesses and individuals billions of dollars.  Here are some other tips to help you:



This may all seem like a
lot of unnecessary work, but if you’re ever the victim of identity theft – even
just once – you’ll realize that it’s well worth the effort.


Many of us forget that
were it not for what we carry in our wallets or in our purses, we’re all John
and Jane Doe’s if we can’t speak due to injury or are unaccompanied by someone
who knows us.  How much less stressful is
it to know that in a bank box, no matter where you are, there are items that
can verify your identity.  Better to be
safeFree Reprint Articles, than sorry!

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