Internet Service Providers

Internet service providers are usually in need for optimization and management solutions that will allow them to better monitor and optimize subscribers’ use of their ISP services.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) is also known as Internet Access Provider (IAP). Usually, Internet Service Providers are corporations that offer Internet services to their customers or network.

ISPs work by making use of a technology called data transmission that is suitable for rendering data-grams of Internet Protocol such as DSL, high-speed interconnects, cable modems, and dial-up.

ISP offers the client with username, access contact number, software package, and password details. Once a client is equipped with modem, he/she can then get access and surf the World Wide Web. A person can thus send and accept electronic messages via ISP servers.

Apart from providing service to individual clients, Internet Service Providers serve large business houses and corporate offices proffering them with direct connectivity network to Internet. ISPs are also interconnected via (NAPs) Network Access Points. They employ wide range of applications thereby enabling users to stay connected to the network.  

Internet Service Providers also offer various services including remote storage of data files on behalf of the users and other services that are unique to every specific ISP.

For small businesses and home users, the most famous and recognized alternatives are ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), broadband wireless, FTTH (fiber to the premises), ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), and cable modem.

Users that have high demanding requirements especially large business organizations may make use of Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ISDN (PRI or BRI), Satellite Internet Access, Frame Relay, DSL (ADSL or SHDSL), Metro EthernetHealth Fitness Articles, and SONET (Synchronous Optical Networking).

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