Is your Gmail Account Hacked? Get an emphatic way to recover your account

If your Gmail Account is hacked and you want your account so we are provide gmail account recovery kindly follow these steps and you can easily recover your account if you not than contact gmail technical support toll free number who will resolve your issue 

Gmail is the Webmail which offers ultimate features to the users. It contains vital data, documents and considerably more. The security features provided by the Gmail is withal good, i.e. 2-Step Verification. It has given consummate security to the users, but the digital platform has a loop-apertures. What will you do when your Account is hacked? Conspicuously, you won’t want to lose your data. You will endeavor to recover the same, but what, if you failed?

Plenty of questions may arise in your mind and the solution of all the same is Gmail Technical Support. The geeks have good cognizance in this field and they facilely fine-tune the hacking issue. Many users reported such kind of issues and they got the best solution of the same. The solution offered by them has been listed below.

Fix Gmail Hacking Issue

Visit Google Account Recovery page by clicking on the link

Enter your Email Address and click on the below link Need Help.

Thereafter, a page will appear and you just need to click on I don’t Know my Password and click Continue.

A Password recovery page will appear, click I don’t know because hackers might have changed your password.

Now click on Verify your identity link, located at the bottom of the page.

You have to provide the correct answers to the security questions. Answer all the questions properly to recover your account.

Once you are done with the above process, click Submit.

Now, Google will verify your identity, if all the data provided by you are true, then Google will direct you to the Gmail Account Recovery Page and here can enter the New Password.

On the off chance, if your provided detail does not match with the Gmail database, then you can’t recover your Gmail Account. In this case, you will require the expert assistance, i.e. Gmail Technical Support and you can contact them by dialing on Gmail Toll-Free Number. The geeks have in-depth cognizance and good hands-on experience of this issue. They expeditiously fine-tune the issue. HenceComputer Technology Articles, get their fortification and resolve this issue.

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