Jewelry Retail In A Mobile Internet

Browsing the Internet, anyone wanting to
buy jewelry will be overwhelmed with the vast selection of designs and styles
available today. The world of retail has changed from the exclusive specialty
shops to the department stores and now to e-commerce sites.


But the trend is not stopping. With the
increase of smartphone users, mobile retail is starting to become a buzz word.
But can jewelry sell in mobile?


It is interesting to see how jewelry
consumers behave in the mobile platform. They go out and have active lifestyles
but are still glued to the tiny screens of their phones, slave to every bleep
and beep of mobile devices. Relatively new, many industries are trying to take
a piece of the pie in mobile retail and very few in the jewelry industry even
consider using the platform.


But just like on the early days of the
Internet, pioneers who took the risk usually made it big. Many may argue that
jewelry retail in mobile may not take off but there are certain signs that it can
be a possible future for the industry.


Customers today do not just want
convenience, they demand it. And there is nothing more convenient than looking
at the latest stainless steel jewelry designs right on your smartphone. Also,
mobile flash sales and daily deals are grabbing the attention of many
customers. In addition, mobile phones can serve as a beacon that can guide
customers right to your jewelry store with the use of location.


So, how can a jewelry retailer today take
advantage of the mobile platform? One must always start with the resources you
already have. For example, make sure your e-commerce store have a mobile format
that is easy to navigate even in small screen. Though most smartphones can show
the desktop mode of your online store, investing in a mobile version can make
your customers stay longer to browse your stainless steel jewelry.


Downloadable catalogs specifically
formatted for phones will also be a very great way to entice customers to check
out your products. Make sure that you are also listed as a local merchant in
mobile online maps so that when customers make a search, your stores will be


If you have more bucks to spare, having an
app that notifies your loyal clients when a new inventory or style becomes
available will also be a good idea. Or incorporating QR (quick read) codes on
poster and brochures that when scanned by a smartphone will give a
corresponding coupon will definite get customers’ attention.


Though jewelry has been popular to many
since the beginning of time, today’s consumer behavior is getting more dynamic.
And with mobile retailingFree Articles, every smartphone can be a jewelry store in every

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