Just the Facts – A Golden Age Gold Mine

* Every 7 Seconds someone in America turns 50
* Spend almost $2 Trillion on goods & services each year
* 43% of all new cars are purchased by seniors
* Account for over 40% of total consumer demand
* Seniors average $24,000 in annual disposable income
* 50+ age group is the fastest growing population segment
* Most seniors open all the direct mail they receive
* Spend $14 Billion yearly on grandchildrens gifts
* Control over 48% of all discretionary purchases that occur
* Seniors are the most affluent consumer group that exists
* 30% more likely to purchase online than younger users
* Per Capita income is 28% higher than other groups
* Over 78 Million adults are past the age of 50
* 60% purchase home remodeling products & services
* Women over 50 spend $21 Billion on clothes annually
* Seniors own over 80% of all money in savings accounts
* 79% of America’s financial assets are owned by seniors
* Folks over 50 Dine out 4-5 times per week
* Account for over 79% of all leisure travel spending
* Own 62% of all large Wall Street investment accounts
* Seniors visit malls more often than any other age group
* Over 70% of seniors are willing to try new brands
* 92% of seniors shop online & 78% make online purchases
* Local daily newspapers are read by 71% of seniors
* 74% of Seniors use the Internet to find health information
* Over 65% of Seniors stick with brands if they like them
* 89% of seniors rate “being active” as critical to enjoying life
* Housing market for seniors tops $100 Billion each year
* The net worth of seniors is 5 times that of average Americans
* Seniors provide over $90 Billion in care giving services annually
* There are more people over 65 than teenagers in the marketplace
* Modern Maturity is the largest circulation magazine in print
* “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” average viewer age is 55

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