Keep Dollar Store Merchandise Prices Crystal Clear when you Open a Dollar Store


When you open a dollar store, most of the items you will have for sale will be a single $1.  However, there will most likely be a few products which cost a bit more.  In the past customers rightly assumed everything in the store was a $1 but that certainly is not the case nowadays.  It is very important for you to make all of your prices crystal clear whenever you open a store.  You do not want customers to spend a lot of their shopping time tracking one of your employees down every time they want to find out how much something costs.  This can be very annoying for shoppers, so you will want to prevent it.One of the best things you can do to prevent this is to make sure all of the items in your store are fitted with a price tag.  This way, shoppers can simply look at a product and immediately see how much they have to pay for it.It is best for you to have all of the price tags in the same general location.  You do not want customers or even your employees to have to turn a product all around in an effort to find the price tag.  Another thing you can do when you open a dollar store is to erect signs throughout the store denoting the price of products in the section.  These signs should not be on every aisle since that is overdoing it.  Choose a few sections around the store to highlight with signs.If you are not a true dollar store, then it is important for you to make your customers aware of it.  If you follow the dollar-plus format, then make sure your customers know that fact even before they enter the store.  You should have an exterior sign displaying this information.Some people who start a dollar store simply setup an entire department devoted to selling dollar-plus items.  This way, their customers will know how much everything costs in the other sections of the store.  If they are looking for more expensive products, they can head to the dollar-plus section.When you open a dollar store you need to realize how important it is to convey the prices of your products.  You do not want customers to have a difficult time knowing how much everything costs.  The best thing you can do is create price tags for all of your merchandise.  You could even create an entire department devoted to items which cost more than a dollar.

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