Keep Your Eyes On The Horizon, But Leave The Back Door Open

Setting your sights on your goals and keeping them there is necessary to your success at home-based business. But even though you’re taught to focus on the vision in front of you, there’s something to be said about keeping that back door open.

You’ve probably heard the saying that good things don’t always come to you the way you expect them to. That’s why it’s best not to get too focused on “how” something is going to come about, but more on what it is you want to create or achieve.

My goal, like yours, is to grow my business, so I constantly explore avenues and possibilities for expansion.

Sometimes acting on certain opportunities have brought me to dead ends.

And sometimes they’ve taken me miles away from where I thought I’d end up, but surprisingly, to a much better place than I ever imagined.

Here’s one such example…

Because I conduct my business primarily over the telephone and Internet, I never made an effort to integrate into my own community. Coaching was, and still is, virtually unknown in these parts.

A year ago, I decided to open a chapter of a national women’s business group in my city. The organization has a solid platform and is rapidly expanding across Canada and the U.S. It provides national exposure, training, networking opportunities, and support and resources for entrepreneurs and executives.

Through this alliance, I saw the potential to integrate myself into my local business community while providing my fellow business owners with the venue to learn, connect and grow their businesses on a much larger scale.

I envisioned a large gathering of passionate business owners who would embrace the concept and opportunity as heartily as I had.

Unfortunately, only a select few were able to think bigger and bolder than the masses. The majority of business owners were satisfied with their businesses remaining “as is”. They were comfortable with where they were.

After almost a year of attempts to build the group from the small number I had enlisted, I decided to let it fold. The efforts were taking me away from focusing on my own business and the dismal results gave me the answers I needed.

This was something my city was not ready for. At least, not just yet.

When I first envisioned the dream of one hundred or more local business women embracing the concept and helping each other grow their businesses, I was excited and couldn’t see how anyone wouldn’t want to be a part of it.

And, based on the failure of this attempt, I could be frustrated and remorseful for taking the chance, but the experience brought me far more than I expected or hoped for.

Because I took a chance, I put myself in front of many highly respected and successful business women I may never have met. I’ve since formed business relationships with several of them that will bring me several thousand dollars in added revenue this year.

I was invited to join a local mastermind group made up of some of the brightest business minds I know with wide circles of influence.

I was invited into a “by invitation only” group of business owners who share leads and resources with each other. At the last meeting I received over 34 leads from just one person alone!

I receive regular phone calls from local business owners inviting me to lunch, to learn more about what I do, looking for help in expanding their thinking and businesses.

All because I took a chance and put myself in front of others. 

I didn’t fail. I just created an entirely different result than originally planned.

And I honestly have to say, I’m loving how everything has unfolded.

I’m sharing this because I want you to embrace the possibilities.

As you build your business and explore opportunities, by all means, do your due diligence to ensure you take responsible risks. 

You may land on your butt from time to time, but that comes with the territory.

The important thing is – when you come across something that you think might have teeth, take action. Sometimes you will create the results you were hoping for and that’s great, but don’t let a detour break you.

Sometimes those detours will take you down a path that you never knew existed, one that is far better than you could have envisioned on your own.

Keep your eye on your vision, but always leave that back door open because oftentimes your greatest opportunity will slip throughScience Articles, waiting for you to turn around and notice it.

2007 © Laurie Hayes – The HBB Source

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