Kindle Fire Tablet Attracts Attention of Adult Content Providers

The Kindle Fire tablet device sold by Amazon is experiencing a lot of success lately. This explains why many content providers are now targeting its users.

For those who market adult material online, such as
pornographic movies and erotic Romance Novels, targeting users of new internet
enabled devices is a good business strategy.This explains why many adult sites
now have versions that are optimized for different devices, such as smart
phones and tablet PCs.The arrival of the Kindle Fire has already sparked a lot
of interest in the adult entertainment world.According to a report from the
Xbiz News Wire, some content providers have launched websites specifically
targeted towards users of the Kindle Fire.With its multimedia capabilities, the
Kindle Fire can do a lot more than read some erotic eBooks.It has 8GB of
internal storage, which is enough to store about 30 medium length movies as
well as several thousand image files.It also has good stereo sound and a 1024 x
600 resolution display, making it a good device to deliver adult entertainment
content to.What makes the Kindle Fire good for adult marketers is the presence
of a web browser in addition to the acceptance of various content formats.While
there are some erotic romance books online that are sold through Amazons Kindle
Store, Amazon has for now steered clear from providing more explicit content
through its Kindle Store, possibly in a move to avoid the controversy that this
could bring to the company.Even though the Kindle Fire is a good tablet device
that is well liked by many of its users, it is not the only one in the market,
nor is it actually the best.It is slightly underpowered and the user interface
is sometimes sluggish, which can manifest itself when turning pages in an
eBook, for example.The screen size is 7 inches, which is a tad on the small
side, but there are rumors that there could be a 9 inch version that will be
available during the next year.The Apple iPad is a more versatile and powerful
tablet device, however one of the reasons why many users have not adopted it
was because of its high acquisition cost, which is several times the $199 that
the Kindle Fire costs.There are also other Android based tablets on the market
todayFind ArticleFree Articles, however they arent really that popular yet even compared to
the success that the Kindle Fire has experienced lately.The lower price of the
Kindle Fire also has some adult content providers hoping that users who are
interested in purchasing erotic materials will be spending some of the money
theyve saved while getting the Kindle Fire instead of the iPad on more content

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