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This simply does not mean that you will have to pay huge extra money in order to get the insurance policy for yourself that is for your car. There are certain factors that make a driver at risk with regard to the driving. The high risk is something that is decided when one sees from the point of view of the insurer. Most of the insurance companies and the providers make use of more or less the same list of the factors while making a decision about the risk that the driver is at but the weight that is given to each of the factors may vary from one provider to the other. It is better to have a lower risk score as that surely helps a lot in bringing the money that you will have to pay in order to get the insurance policy. Here are some of the things that you might do in order to reduce the risk score of yours as a driver and thereby help yourself in reducing the money that you are paying in for getting the insurance for your car.A course that provides you with the skills of defensive driving surely is of great help. Such programs tend to prove to be of some help in improving the driving skills. Some of the courses are more recommended than the others, thus it is important that an inquiry is made before getting hooked up with any specific course.The rates that one has to pay are also partly influenced by the coverage type as well as amount of the coverage that you plan to go for. Thus, before buying any policy, have a closer look at the policy. Take a look at your health insurance policy and make it a point that you are not paying in for the same coverage under two different policy plans.While buying the vehicle, make sure you are buying a vehicle that is not speed friendly, rather is pocket friendly, in terms of the fact that it does not put you in too much of a pressure when you are trying to buy a policy for the car.

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