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In recent years loan lenders have become quiet cautious in sanctioning loan amounts to people with bad credits and they follow a strict decision-making platform to avoid unchecked approvals. If you have a bad credit history then you may find yourself in trouble while applying for a loan or in getting a new credit card.When the gates of high street lenders are closed, loans offered even with high APR’s come as an immediate help. Basically, these loans are unsecured loans which can be obtained on the same-day.  At times of financial distress, most of us try applying for an emergency cash loan or try taking an emergency cash advance from friends, relatives or the employer to pay off the sudden unexpected expenses. Apart from all the available options that are mentioned above for immediate financial assistance, credit cards can also work as a perfect substitute. Even though a credit card can bring in some advantages, an accumulating debt is also an important factor to keep in mind. According to the experts, it is unwise for people to borrow more cash to repay an old debt. By following this strategy remember it will only have a negative impact as it will drown you in more debts.Although your credit card can help you get out of a financial crunch, improper usage can cause greater financial damage to your credit histories. While credit cards are becoming easier to obtain, credit card debts are also on the rise, since people often tend to hold multiple credit cards and use one card to pay off the debts on another. However, this kind of fund juggling is never recommendable at any point.When the need for emergency cash arises credit card can help you out in no time. However, people who get into credit card debt mostly miss out on the calculation part from the initial stages of their card usage. They forget the very fact of how much their wallet can afford and end up spending on everything that their card can get them. Money management is something that everybody finds difficult to handle while using a credit card.To get off credit card debts always keep track of what you owe and repay them on time.  Always maintain a record of your spending to know what is going to go out of your pockets. A credit card debt can cause serious damage to your credit history before you can actually mend it completely. In order to prevent such financial mishaps avoid maintaining multiple cards unless there is a real need for them.Since the credit card companies make money on what their customers owe them, the card companies keep raising the credit limits on regular intervals for their customers. It is never for the customers’ benefit but in the interest of the credit company’s growth. If you are not quiet sure of the card details like its limits and balance details you can end-up spending more. Since a credit card can get you an emergency cash advance try maintaining your card only for emergencies. Maintain a clear record of your credit card purchases and make payments on time.

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