Law of Attraction: Closing Your Open Book

You should know which books to keep open in your life, and the ones to keep closed. Do you maintain a 24-hour open book of all your past mistakes? Do you refer to it often? Do you relive the pages over and over again? Is it uncomfortably comfortable? In the Law of Attraction, keeping an open book of the past can and usually will sure slow down your progress in attaining what you now desire in your life.

Let’s start closing the books that serve no purpose in our lives. Sure, we can learn from our past but reliving pages of regret or hurt will only bring you more hurtful regret. Learn from the pages and then shut the book, and when you do shut your book, see it closed with peace and calm. When you are tempted to refer to the book, close it and know that you no longer need it. If someone else brings up the pages of your past life, pay them no mind unless it is a positive remark that will move you forward. Staying in the pages of the past won’t move you forward; it will keep you where you currently are in life. Just move on from all the negative and hurtful parts of your life.

You have the ability to rise above it knowing that every day is a new day. Every day you can create a new world the way you want it to be, and closing the pages of hurt and learning from, then moving on from your mistakes will help you to move forward.

How about starting a whole new book with blank pages? Start changing your life through the Law of Attraction and refer to this new book of hope and happiness as often as you can. Don’t refer to your old, out of date book and wind up feeling less than secure. By understanding how to let go of the old book, of the old you, you’ll be able to move forward into the life that you want and deserve. You have the choice to do this; you and you alone. It’s not up to your family or friends. Remember, no matter who has been a part of your life, you are the only one responsible for creating your old and your new book. As alwaysFind Article, it is all up to you in the Law of Attraction. So how’s your new book going to be?

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