Learn The Process To Prevent the Facebook Account Hacked and Password Changed

We providing online help if Facebook account hacked  and changed password and find the process for how to reset and change account password through email and phone number…

Sometimes it happens that your friend message you and they receive a strange message from your account that is not the actual way to talk, then you realized that your account has been hacked by someone or we can say someone has gained the access of your account. What do you do in that case? This case is undoubtedly common to us now, because email viruses are real that can be the cause or loss of your facebook account access.

Fortunately, there are numerous other ways by which you can recover your facebook account if you have been hacked. Let’ move down the street further to see everything in detail to change the facebook password or hacked account. 

Reset Email password

These are the basic, quick points that you should know to reset the Email password or reset your

Facebook Password

Reset the Facebook Password  

If you unable to Login into the facebook account, then the easiest way to fix this issue is to reset the password that you can do on the facebook Login page. 

Change the registered Facebook Email 

If the hacker has already changed the facebook email address then you won’t be able to change the password easily. But sometime, Luckily, most people Logged into the facebook account automatically with the help of mobile phones.

Protecting Facebook Account

Facebook has in-built features to secure their account. By default, if none of the features are enabled, turn it on to prevent any unauthorized access of the account or to protecting your facebook account

Add Trusted Contacts 

Enable Two-Factor Authentication 

Choose Authentication Method 

Authentication App

Text Message 

Beside, above all the points on Facebook account hacked and password changed, if you are looking for further assistance, you can call directly on their support number to get the immediate feedback or assistance. But if you are not satisfied with the above concern and want to know further in-details you can ask your friendsPsychology Articles, colleagues to get more information.

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