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If you are looking for a new credit card to invest in, maybe you should look at a low rate balance transfer credit card. If you are lucky, you could avail of some of the great plans, like introductory low interest months that are offered by these cards. But what does that actually mean? Ignoring any other little snazzy deals the creditors offer, if you have a fairly hefty credit card debt as it is then transferring the balance over could be a nice little way of getting the interest down for a few months.Let’s say you’ve wound up with $1,000 on your credit card debt. The interest on that can quite happily cost you a fairly chunky amount as it is – let’s say $100. To cut down on the interest, you have to ensure that you pay off the debt. If you’re struggling to pay the interest as it is, moving your balance to a different credit card (that offers free balance transfers) and a nice, low rate – potentially nothing – on the interest on that balance for the first few months means that instead of paying off the interest, you’re paying off your debt. After the first month with the new credit card you’ll have paid the $100 and now only have a $900 debt, and still have paid exactly the same amount you would have if you hadn’t transferred the balance over. In general, it should not be difficult to cut down on your $1000 debt if you are serious about it. So, when the zero percent interest period on your balance transfer runs out you can now afford to pay both the actual interest and still start working on getting the entire debt paid off.The question that has to be asked is: what’s the catch? If you manage it carefully, there really isn’t one. Start by reading the fine print carefully. Ensure that there are no hidden costs that you might be liable for. And make an effort to avoid any details in the contract that pull you in to a horribly drawn out and expensive payment plan, or some other issue that arises further down the line. Most of the time, though, if a balance transfer would be enough of a benefit to you for you to be considering it, then the other charges are pretty minor. It doesn’t mean you can skim over them, but they’re really not what the main concern with balance transfers is.When you keep hopping between credit cards you could make some pretty nasty long term problems that won’t arise for at least a few months. Why? Transferring your balance from one card to another is harmless if resorted to only once or twice. Some credit cards base a lot of their new customers on what they can entice over from other companies, but each time it gets noted down in your credit history. Most of the time that you transfer your balance over to another creditor; they won’t be overly impressed if you leave them soon after their low interest rate has ended. However, this could be a good way to save some money, so long as you use your card intelligently.

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