Logo Design & Development Simplified


If you are a new business owner or are considering modernising or
rebranding your current organisation, one of the most important things
you will stumble upon is the design of your company logo. Your logo
should be memorable, appropriate to your business and industry and must
also support your brand. As such, logo design is not a simple task and
should be created by a professional graphic designer who understands
your industry and target market and is experienced in logo design and
development. Before
you contemplate designing a logo, you should have devised some form of
marketing strategy. This marketing strategy or plan will assist you in
determining which market you’re aimed at and what kind of image you’d
like to project through your logo. Once you’ve set your marketing
strategy, the next step is to translate that strategy into an
effective, consistent identity to use in your promotions.Below are some recommendations I would make to anyone who is looking at having a logo designed for their business. –
Don’t try to design it yourself, unless you also happen to be a
professional graphic designer. Your logo will be used on all of your
marketing materials, including letterhead, business cards, signs, and
other advertisements. Just as you hire an attorney to represent you in
court and an accountant for taxes, hire a professional to create your
logo. – Get recommendations for graphic designers from friends
and business associates, especially those whose business cards and
logos you find most appealing. If you know anybody who works in a
similar industry, you may wish to ask them who designed their cards.-
Work with the designer to translate your logo for such diverse
promotional items as yard signs, posters, classified, display ads,
stationery, business cards, brochures and of course your website.-
Make sure your logo works well in both colour and black-and-white. Make
photocopies and send test faxes and e-mails to see how your logo
reproduces in any format. – Logos should stand the test of
time. Avoid basing your logo on a current trend. Trends quickly come
and go, and you don’t want your logo to look outdated. –
Appeal to your target audience. For example, if your target market is
luxury homes, make sure your logo is elegant and upscale. It is
important that your target audience can relate to the logo. –
Keep it simple. A complex logo that looks good in print might not look
the same on a Web page. Keep your design clean and simple so that it
can be adapted to work for all of your marketing materials.- Most of all – be unique. You don’t want anybody to get confused between your organisation and possibly your competitor.A
good company logo will not only set you apart from your competitors but
it will also act as a forefront to your branding and marketing
campaigns. As such, it should be memorable and unique yet simple and
appropriate. Remember, if a picture is worth a thousands words, then a
logo is worth a million!

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Jon Bergan is the owner of Bergan Blue, an Australian based creative design studio focused on bridging the gap between the online world of the Internet with the offline world of Marketing. Please visit http://www.berganblue.com.au/ for more information.
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