Looking for that low interest credit card

If you have been shopping around for a Low Interest Credit Card you will notice that the UK market is awash with Credit Card companies offering low rates to entice you to apply for their Cards.

There has never been a better time to consolidate your credit cards and get a far better interest rate. There are many offers out there but they all offer pretty much the same thing. The only thing that varies is the APR the 0% balance transfer period and possibly reward points for using the card.

With all these cards on offer you can be very selective and apply for a card that suits your needs and spending habits.

Looking to consolidate you existing credit cards?

Points to consider:

How long is the 0% balance transfer period for?

These can usually range between 6 and 9 months. These periods of 0% interest may seem attractive but make sure you know what the APR will revert to after the period comes to an end. Read the fine print as some credit card companies will expect you to spend a min amount to secure this low rate. Don’t fall for this as there are many that do not expect you to spend anything.

Do you plan on clearing the balance within the 0% period?

If you do not plan on clearing the balance it may be worthwhile getting a card that has a low balance transfer rate for the life of the balance. Some credit cards will set a low interest rate until you pay off the balance in fullArticle Submission, whether it takes 6 months or 6 years. This way you don’t have to worry about paying a sudden increase in interest rates at the end of an introductory period.

Once you have established how to manage your credit card debt you will be in a much better position to choose the right credit card. The UK is in the grip of a huge debt epidemic and it’s important to ensure that you are paying the least amount of interest on your debt. Also ensure that you are making your monthly payments. If you can afford it try and pay more than the minimum required every month as the longer it takes to pay off your card the more the credit card companies will make off you through interest charges.

Many people will transfer their credit card balances every time the 0% introductory period runs out. A term used for this is a “Card Tart” and as far as I know it’s not illegal. The amount of times you apply for a credit card in a 12 month period may have an adverse effect on your credit rating so beware you are not damaging a perfectly good credit history by continuously applying for a 0% credit card.

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