Lots and Lots of Free Stuff from Satellite TV Service Providers

One of the many things that set satellite and cable service providers apart from each other, is the promotional packages that they have to offer. Cable TV service providers have never been big on free stuff and in fact they are better known for over charging and tricking their customers with hidden fees, costs and bloated installation bills.

You never have to worry about any of this with the top two satellite TV programming service providers, because both DirecTV and Dish Network do free installation in up to four rooms in your home or business and they will also provide you with enough receivers for four separate TVs if you need them.

No hidden charges or fees either, because they both leave this type of dirty business to the cable service providers. Everything is right out in the open and on the table when you join either one of their family of TV viewers and all that you are billed for is the programming package and any other extra channels that you add on and it’s all just that simple.

For years and years, cable service was the only show in town and they had no competition and they took full advantage of this situation and treated their customers like suckers. The advent of satellite TV programming brought not only a new type of TV programming, but new standards in the way that they treat their viewing family members.

You would think that cable service providers would have caught on by now and changed their ways, but they haven’t and greed still rules the day at most all cable service providers.

When you join the DirecTV, or the Dish Network family of TV viewers they both welcome you aboard with a free complete satellite TV system and it’s everything that you need to get started watching great quality satellite TV programming. It’s all there and you need not purchase so much as a thumb tack with these units.

Installation is also free from these two leaders in the industry and its all done by their own in house team of installation experts, so you know the job will be done right. They both also give you your choice of satellite receivers, depending on your programming package and your own particular needs and you have you choice of several models that they both have in stock.

They both have frequent free channel trials that you can take advantage of to try all their great programming free of charge. Right now as an added bonus in their promotional package, DirecTV will even throw in a free digital camera for you to take home with you.

Since their inception in nineteen-ninety-four, literally millions of cable service customers have jumped ship and came aboard with these two leaders in the satellite TV programming business and they all did it for basically the same reasons. More and better programming choicesArticle Submission, top quality service and honesty and integrity in the way that they do business. All the free stuff is also another great reason.

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