Lower Rate Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers


You will be surprise to know that by considering these things, you will be able to save lot of your money. The model and type of your car is an important factor in deciding premium rate for your car insurance. Car insurance companies see that how much money they have to pay to you in case you involve in an accident while determining the premium rate for your car insurance. If you buy cheap car then you will be able to get cheaper rate car insurance otherwise, you have to pay huge amount of money. The another factor that the car insurance companies consider while deciding your premium rate is the number of miles you usually drive in a week and they also want to know the purpose for which you are driving your car. After telling the number of miles you drive your car in a week, they calculate the expect number of miles you drive in a year and on the basis of that calculation they offer you a premium rate for your car insurance. The car insurance companies also consider the weather in your living area. If you live in an area whose weather is good throughout the year, then the insurance company will not charge too much. So, always tell the minimum number of miles you drive in a week to your insurance company in order to get the car insurance at the cheaper rate.The place where you garage your car and the area where you live also contributes toward determining your premium rate. Based on the statistics of crime in your area, the car insurance company will charge according to that. It is obvious that if you are living in highly crime area, then you have to pay high premium rate in order to insure your car against various risks. How old are you is also an important factor that the car insurance companies consider for calculating the premium rate for your car insurance. If your age is 25 years or less, then insurance companies consider you as high risk driver and hence they offer car insurance for high risk drivers to you.

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