Mafia Wars Online Tutorial

Mafia Wars Online is a text based game that can be played using a Facebook account. It can provide entertainment for hours, although it is usually only played for short bursts. Mafia Wars Online uses friends to make your mafia better, and unlock resources for the game.

Mafia Wars Online has many different mechanics that determines the power of the player. Since it is a game played on a social network, finding friends to play and join your mafia is important. It increases the benefits that are given to your particular group, such as powerup times, or available upgrades. The more friends that you can convince to play the game, the more powerful your mob family.

Upgrades to health, weapons, and other items help to increase attack power, increase defenses, and decrease recharge times. These different aspects help you to make attacks on other mafias in order to gain more money and experience, making your group more powerful. You can use the money to buy more men, weapons, health, and items.

The aim of this game is to become as powerful as possible. You continually attack other groups to earn experience which you use to increase the total strength of the group. Fighting lower powered mobsters may ensure a win, but you will not earn as much experience or money. Battling with higher powered groups will be more difficult, but you will earn much more experience.

The different levels of mobs will be shown when you go to look for a group to attack. It is important to choose wisely, as loosing too many battles can leave your mob vulnerable to attackArticle Search, and you will loose precious resources. You will also have to spend much more money to replenish supplies and replace that mobsters that died in the failed attack.

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