Magento 1.x New Extensions launched to speed up Merchant and Developer Growths

Magento Marketplace was launched with new vetting process to make sure merchants buying best quality extensions for their e-commerce platform…

Magento Inc, the globally leading company in innovating e-commerce, recently pushed updates to its next-gen app marketplace extending the most trusted products and services of Magento ecosystem to all Magento merchants.  Magento Marketplace by Magento Inc offers the easiest discovery of curated, high-quality technologies along with today’s addition of extensions for the Magento 1.x platform.

These improvements, apart from aiding a Magento app development company, will also let Magento extension developers access a larger customer base and customize the experiences to modern businesses.

“Magento Marketplace embodies the passion and creativity of our global ecosystem of industry innovators who work tirelessly to continually enhance our platform in a way that none of our competitors can match,” said Bhavin Rawal, Head of Magento Marketplace and Technology Partnerships at Magento Commerce. “With today’s Marketplace updates, it’s now simpler than ever for merchants to continuously innovate and create custom solutions tailored to the precise needs of their business.”

In April this year, Magento Marketplace was launched with new vetting process to make sure merchants buying best quality extensions for their e-commerce platform. Indeed, this debut also aids firm providing e-commerce based solutions. Now a Magento app development company is able to provide its clients with desired customizations and features by using more than 750 extensions which have passed a rigorous technical test.

The latest updates add following key capabilities to Magneto platform:






“As the next-generation commerce hub, Magento Marketplace has quickly become the essential catalyst for company growth in an incredibly competitive market. Magento is enabling technology providers like TaxJar to more quickly and openly share their innovations, while equipping merchants to breed customer loyalty with speed and ease,” said Ryan Thomason, Head of Sales, Marketing and Business Development at TaxJar, prominent extension developer and Magento Premier Technology Partner. “Magento Marketplace advances our mission to help merchants eliminate the headache of sales taxesFree Web Content, giving them the freedom to focus less on compliance and more on creating personalized shopping experiences that exceed consumer expectations.”

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