Make use of Monetizer Platform to Earn Money

Monetization will work the exact same way as your bundle. Also you can monitor the stats on the same reporting pages as your existing account.

Monetizer platform:  What it is

As a software developer, you must be aware of the various monetizing platforms. These platforms offer ample opportunities to the developers to earn an extra buck off their hard work.  They can do so by bundling software. Through this method, they can get paid for every install by the user. Sounds cool?!! Read on for more information on these money- making platforms.

How it works:

The platform offered is pretty simple to understand. The process is quite easy. All that the software developer has to do is bundle their software with the software of the advertiser. When the developer installs the user’s software, the user is displayed with an offer to install the advertiser’s software as well. It is mostly in the form of toolbars. The offer is displayed in the middle of the installer process. The user can accept or decline the offer. If they accept the offer, the advertiser’s software gets installed and the publishing developer gets paid for it.

Every time a user installs the advertiser’s software, the developer gets paid for it. One of the best software of this sort is Installmonetizer.

Benefits of using installmonetizer platform:

The monetizing platforms offer numerable advantages to everyone involved in the process. The software developers, promoters and advertisers and consumers, all stand to benefit from it. Apart from this, the platform also offers to monetize:

The platform also provides the users with the options to customize the look, control the offers and generate the live reports. The platform is even optimized for the conversions, and not for the payouts. This results in more revenues and fatter payouts. The real time reports and updates & a user friendly – environment adds to its popularity.
Benefits for the software developers:

The concept of this platform is relatively new and the payouts are very high. It provides the highest fill rates. There is more success in customer retention and downloads. The developers also get to work with the global advertisers. The process of bundling is easy and can be done in 10 minutes’ worth of coding.

Benefits for the software advertisers:

The software promoters and advertiser’s can benefit from the various advantages that the process has to offer. The first and foremost is that they get access to the cleanest install networks. The developers make an extra effort to keep the process spyware free and malware free. The doubts about it spreading harmful viruses and stealing data can be put to rest.
Next, the advertisers get to increase their client base by having access to the global users. They get quality global installs through the publishers that work in almost all of the countries in the world. Another benefit is that they work with the high quality distribution channels that offer very competitive rates. This also provided a cost effective and popular means to promote or launch a new or less popular product.

Benefits for the consumers:

The consumers get aware of the many products that they did not know of earlier. They are spoilt for choices.
So, if you are a software developerBusiness Management Articles, you can make use of this platform to make some extra money without much effort.

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