Make your business card stand out by using gold and colored foils

All great things start from small beginnings. These small beginnings may actually come from the small details that comprise your identity. These small things must also come in a form of a business card

Business cards are important, especially because they build up first impressions. When you hand out your business cards, people get to know a bit about your life. Business cards are one of the most vital marketing tools one must have. Through business cards, they will get to see your contact details, and it will also tell how you are as a person. Business cards should be maintained professionally and creatively attractive without looking bragging.


There are many companies that offer services in making business cards. Through the help of such companies, you can personalize your own card. One should take note that business cards are relatively inexpensive so there is no need to worry about prices. These products only vary with the design and paper, used but you can customize your own depending on your desired budget. There are trends in business card printing that makes gold foil business cards. These kinds of business cards add shine and life to your business cards. By using gold foil, it will highlight the features of your business card. This will also add personality to your card. It will set your apart as the metallic print shines among business cards that simply use black and white kind of printing. The Gold foil business cards will surely add a glow which will make your more attractive and memorable.


Gold foil business cards are usually printed using best quality silk laminated paper which has 60% thickness. This kind of paper is usually used for foil stamping purposes. There are also other metallic colors available and papers to choose from. When you use this kind of metallic vibe on your business cards, it will help it look classy and impressive.

Aside from using gold foil, you can also opt to use colored foil business cards. There are many colors to choose from, which includes colors like blue, purple, green, teal, and magenta among others. Usually, companies offer a selection of colors they use through foil color references. You can also customize it whether you want to use foil in front, back, or both sides of your business cards. Colored foil business cards add personality and a glamorous vibe to your card. It uses a 16pt premium paper stock which has 50% thickness like that, such as a credit card. This kind of paper is best used when using colored foil application. On the other hand, the colored foil is a semi-sparkled metallic foil unlike the ones used for gold foil stamps. By using these kinds of business card customization, it will surely impress the receivers of this handy marketing tool.


When planning to get these services, choose one business that guarantees quality printing. There are services which offer reprint if in case the customer is not satisfied. There are also companies that offer affordable pricing on their products. You can also try online businesses which offer to deliver it with a 24-72 hour delivery service to your house or office without the hassle. Through using gold foil and colored foil business cardsFree Articles, people will tend to remember yours because it shows how creative and how much you value impressions.


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