Managing Risk


Every business has some element of risk that can be a potential threat to its success.  Risk management is the practise of assessing these potential threats and making sure you do everything in your power to maintain the upper hand.  Before starting any business venture, always know exactly what you are getting into and be realistic.  More importantly, know what you will have to do to maximize your chances of success.  If not, you are destined to fail from Day 1.  Take your time and do your due diligence to assess all the pros and cons.  If the benefits far outweigh any possible downsides you know you have a winner.  That is the case for us at The v-Fusion Group.   We have spent years researching a wide variety of home-based businesses and the business we have joined was the best choice.  The business model, compensation plan, services, and timing are excellent.  We have no product development to do, no inventory to keep, no shipping to do, and no billing to process for our customers.  All of this is handled by the company we have partnered with, along with customer service, technical support, and a hotline dedicated solely to representatives like us.  The company also provides representatives a wide array of marketing materials and we each have access to our own page on the official company website. These valuable resources allow our team to focus on marketing the company’s cutting edge products and services (Digital phone service and video phones) that will be in millions of households in the next few years, and high quality services people are using already (local and long distance analog phone service, high speed internet, wireless phone service, home alarm stsyems, and satellite TV).  By joining our team you will instantly become your own international telecommunications franchise.  Imagine doing that on your own from scratch.  Would you be able to do it alone? What would it cost?  How long would it take to get off the ground?    With The v-Fusion Group you hit the ground running.  The Fusion Method will prove to be an incredibly powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.  Most network marketers have no idea how to leverage the Internet and we can show you how.  The risk involved with this business opportunity is minimal, and a calculated one.  Treat this as a real business and register it as one.  This will allow you take full advantage of the many tax incentives that business owners benefit from every year.  Rather than open a restaurant, department store, or any other business that requires a large investment of money up front and many more hours of work and stress, we at The v-Fusion Group realized that this business opportunity was a ”win-win situation”.  We could build our individual franchises part-time while being part of a team and benefit from tax savings while doing it.  The things you will learn about business and most importantly, about yourself, more than justify you taking this very well calculated and minimal risk.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  All together now!

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