Massive Savings for High Risk Drivers in Getting Cheap Auto Insurance

There are many ways you can avoid being a high risk driver
and getting cheap auto insurance.  You
should consider things like mileage, where you live, a garage, and the type of
vehicle you are trying to insure
Thinking about these things can save you quite a bit of money on your
car insurance.

The type of vehicle you get insured is a big factor when you
are looking for auto insurance.  This is
because the insurance company considers what it will cost them if you get into
an accident.  The cheaper the cars worth
then the cheaper the insurance will be on the vehicle.

Another consideration with auto insurance and keeping your
risk low is the amount of mileage you are driving every week.  The fewer amounts of miles you are driving
then the less your insurance is.  The
insurance company will ask you how many miles your place of work is and how
many days you are driving to and from to work. 
They will use this calculation and add on a few thousand miles to
determine the amount of miles each year you drive your vehicle.  Factors also included in this are things like
the weather in your area.  If you live in
a place like Arizona where it is nice all year round then your insurance will
be cheaper than if you have to drive on snow and ice for six months out of the
year like drivers in Colorado or Montana. 
The insurance will be extremely cheap if you telecommute or you work
from home.  This is a factor that you
must consider because the least amount of miles you tell the insurance company
you are driving the cheaper your insurance will be.

If you have a garage then this will be a factor in
determining your costs for insurance and your risks.  The insurance company will consider the area
you live in and the crime statistics based on car thefts.  If you live in an area where there is a lot
of crime and a high number of vehicle thefts then your insurance rates will be
higher because you will be a high risk for the company.  If you live in a rural area where next to
nothing ever happen then your rates will be lower.  A garage will make a difference in a high
risk area because you are at less risk but it will not be that much lower.

A high risk driver is also considered by their age.  The insurance companies consider that the
older that you get then the less prone to accidents and tickets you are.  The younger drivers from ages 15-24 are
subject to higher rates.  Once a driver
reaches the age of 24 then their rates will begin to drop dramatically.  You should also keep into account that the
more claims you have on your auto insurance policy then the higher your rate
will be also.

An auto insurance policy looks at many factors when they
determine the risk of driver you are.  A
high risk driver means that you are a high risk for the insurance company
having to put money out to have to repair the vehicle, the vehicle being
stolen, vandalizedComputer Technology Articles, and more.  You should
consider all of the high risk factors when you go to get auto insurance.

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