Merchant Account Scams Beware

Now day’s e-commerce
industry is emerging and merchant account scams are also increased If you are
new in e-commerce industry and looking for a company that provide merchant account,
beware from scam merchant account companies, because in advertisements these
companies clam to charge low monthly fees, actually all these merchants are big
scammers, when you start merchant account with them and enough money is held in
account these companies inform their clients having problems in Bank
transactions and payout will be delay for several months and then after
sometime they will blame you about doing illegal business at that time and date
your money is gone even though your business is legal and you are not doing
anything illegal and you can’t file a case against them because they are
running  their company with different
names in different countries and payout will go to a Bank that located in other

Here are some proofs about
these companies, complaints from different clients of such companies

1:This Is Ansell William from
Step inn Pharmacy, We Had An Approval With (
For A Merchant Account. We Were Approved On 23rd Of May 2011 And We Did
Business With Them Till 21st Of June 2011, Total Pay Out Due Is $ 12000 USD
Till That Date But They Never Given Us A Single Penny.

First They Said That Their
Banking Partner Is Having Problems with the Visa & MasterCard

And Then They Blamed Us That We
Were Selling Controlled Substances

The Fact Is Our Website Does
Not Have Any Controlled Substances on It

And They Don’t Have Any
Evidence That We Were Doing Illegal Business

Still They Have Seized Our
Account and Not Paying Us Anything they also running their business on 2 other
sites, and


Our Company URL Is
steal our money USD $ $35,646.94 !!

last year we use instabill as our merchant to take
credit card payment, our account is: 


later we stop to use them. 

but they refuse to wire our balance to us, our
balance is them is USD $ $35,646.94!

we have written to their email:

[email protected] 

[email protected] 

but no reply, have called 

+1 603-436-1270 

also they just tell us wait for emails! 

the following is their schedule to pay us, but
they never do!


guang zhou

ChinaArticle Submission, People’s Republic of



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