Midwifery for Low Risk, Natural Childbirth


Not every woman feels that the experience of being in a hospital is the way she wants to deliver her child. The feeling of a sterile and impersonal birthing suite can feel like a medical procedure and not like the miracle of life. That is the reason that so many opt for alternative labor choices. They want to have the highest in modern medical advances but they want it to be an experience that is more natural and comforting. That is why so many people choose to select a care provider who is educated in midwifery. They are experts at reproductive health and can provide very good prenatal care to expectant mothers. They also can provide a high level of post-partum care that one may not receive if they choose to deliver in a hospital. That is to say that a natural birth is not without its own considerable drawbacks. Namely the risk of death of the mother, the child, or both in situations where there are complications.Not all of the people who are educated in midwifery are equally qualified. At the low end of the education scale are the laypeople. These ladies are most similar to what has been used back to biblical times. Throughout human history birth has been a team effort. These people have no formal training whatsoever but have gained experience through years of either practice or apprenticeship.At the other end of the spectrum are people who are certified and have a bachelor’s degree in nurse midwifery. These practitioners have medical training as well as traditional and holistic knowledge that allow them to provide a blend of traditional care while not neglecting the benefits of modern advances in medicine.The biggest benefit of midwifery is the fact that it lets women go through childbirth in a natural way. This can mean doing it at home or in the water. It can also mean less people coming and going throughout the experience. It makes it a generally more relaxing experience compared to a hospital. Also, for women who are not interested in pain medicine they can help facilitate natural breathing techniques for managing the pain.There are several drawbacks to consider in using a person trained in midwifery. For example, it is highly ill advised to use these practitioners in anything but a very low risk pregnancy. They are rarely equipped to deal with any complication that requires medical intervention. In situations like this where the setting is not in a medical center the risk is increased in case of complications because rather than being right where help can be rendered an ambulance may need to be sent or a trip to the hospital may be necessary. In these situations where every moment counts it can be the difference between life and death.

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A Corpus Christi midwifery service offers many benefits over a hospital birth. Find out more about a local provider at: www.bayareabirth.com/midwifery.html.
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