More Sears Credit Card Products and Features

Sears credit card also offer credit cards for business owners. With
the sears commercial one card, a person can separate business from personal
transactions; they can also simplify expense tracking and can get itemized
invoice detail. A person can also make a businesses purchase to Sears through
fax, phone and in-store with just one account. With these, one can get both the
monthly statement and the invoice detail of all the purchases for tracking and
bookkeeping purposes, especially if it is being used by other employees.
Application for the Sears Commercial One card can be done through their toll
free phone number or at the stores or online, where one can download the
application form.


Sears Home Improvement Account on
the other hand is a type of sears credit
for large home improvement projects that needs installation. It can be
very heavy on the pocket, which is why Sears came up with this product. With
this, one can easily renovate their homes with the help of the Sears
professional to install these equipments and at the same time avail of the
cards low interest payment plans. Customers can make easy monthly payments to
their installed Sears purchases.


A person who has a sears credit
card can apply for an online account, where they can have access to their
account information 24/7. They can view their sears credit card statements and
keep track of their purchases. They can even go green with paperless statements
once they opt to have it on their account profile. A person can also pay bills
online and schedule their payments on the sears card. Another thing that a
person can benefit from having a sears credit card is the option to have the
AccountCare. AccountCare protects the user from having to pay their sears bills
during family crisis. If a person is jobless or is sick and is not earning
money, or if the cause is death, any balance of less than $10Health Fitness Articles,000 will be


There are no fees for months that
do not have a carry on balance. AccountCare mainly provides protection for the
card member and their family. It is eligible for Sears credit card member and
is on a good standing. A person can get more information on these sears card
products and benefits through their customer service or through their online

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