New business, new credit card

So you’ve decided upon the idea and thought long and hard about the name – now it’s time to get your new business up and running. You may have an amount of capital from investors, which needs putting into a business account. It’s also now time to seriously consider applying for a business credit card that can compliment that initial capital investment.

Many new business owners are unsure as to why they might need a business credit card. Surely it’s just as easy to put any funds into a personal account and run the business from there? Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Separating personal and business finances should be a priority for all new business owners. Not only will it minimise the amount of paperwork necessary during accounting periods, but it will also look far more professional to the Inland Revenue Service when it comes to submitting accounts. Business credit cards also offer spending reports, allowing you to identify spending habits – an advantage which most personal credit cards do not offer. Having separate accounts makes finances easier to manage and also makes it far simpler when it comes to things like declaring expenses – something that the majority of employees have to do at some point. In addition, you can request further credit cards for employees; a facility that is not possible with a personal credit card. These cards can have spending limits attached to them and transactions can be tracked online to ensure that all employee spending is necessary and within the set limits. In addition, the business owner can see exactly what has been spent, even if an employee forgets to submit the appropriate receipts.

A business credit card also allows a new business to qualify for particular deals and discounts that are designed with companies in mind. These can include perks such as reward schemes on certain products and services or offers on Airmiles or travel insurance. These benefits can be particularly advantageous to small and medium-sized businesses if the card is selected with the perks in mind. For example, a business whose employees travel a lot might choose a card where travel insurance is discounted.

The security offered to a new business through a business credit card is also a very important factor. These cards offer protection against fraud, theft and there are even capabilities that offer protection against employee misuse. Card security can give the new business owner far more peace of mind and prevent unnecessary expenditure in the event of the ever-present threat of Internet fraud or ID theft.

The most vital aspect of a business credit card for a new business is the credit itself. Credit can be used for a variety of reasons, not least of which is managing the company’s finances during times of restricted cash flow. As the credit does not touch the business’s cash account, supplies can still be bought and services paid for whilst you’re waiting for customer balances to be settled. Of course, the APR and monthly repayments have to be considered, but there are plenty of introductory offers out there to suit even the most lowly of beginnings and these are often matched by cheap rates once the introductory offers have expired. Using credit also helps to build up a company’s credit rating and opens the door for further business credit and greater sets of benefits and perks.

It may appear easier to simply trust your company finances to your personal credit card, but the advantages of a business credit card specifically designed for your business needs are obvious. Business credit cards are designed specifically to deal with the stresses and strains demanded by a company. A personal credit card is not. Finding the right business credit card for you is a process of elimination, comparing and contrasting the deals on offer in the marketplace. With over 500 business credit cards available, comparison websites are an extremely useful resource to help you make the right decision and provide your company with a practicalScience Articles, useful and valuable asset.

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