New Gains in Satellite TV Channel Numbers


While during a few periods of time some years back some cable providers did manage to have a few more channels than the leading satellite TV service providers they were in analog format while satellite TV has always been entirely digital. Recently Dish Network upped its total standard channel numbers to 375 and their high definition number to 38, which tops anything that any cable service provider has to offer.Whats more, DirecTV has shot its high definition channel number up to 72 with plans to carry 100 in the near future. Both of these service providers also carry a wide assortment of multicultural programming channels and packages in languages that touch on all four corners of the planet. Dish Network is the leader in this area and currently has 20 packages available in languages other then English.While satellite TV service providers do hold the distinct advantage in total channel numbers, cable service providers do have the ability to provide on demand pay per view which is something that satellite TV providers still struggle with. While cable service providers such as Comcast have capitalized on their advantage by adding a second on demand service called Premiums On Demand that features more recent box office releases, satellite TV providers have offered their own pay per view options. One option that they have come up with is a new “all day pay per view” that allows you to access your movie as much as you like for twenty four hours that begins at 6:00 am and ends twenty-four hours later. While you don’t have the movie on demand, you do have it all day and night as many times as you like. If the movie stinks, that certainly is no benefit but it can be quite nice if the movie turns out to be a great work.Another option that satellite TV service providers have to offer is great deals on free receivers that you can have DVR added to. With a whole movie archive that you can access, who needs pay per view anyway? These state of the art DVR receivers are so easy to operate, because they all come with simple one touch functions that even a child can learn to use. All of the standard DVRs have at least one-hundred hours of memory and high definition DVR receivers have even more with some having as much as 150 hours of total memory time in them. Simply press the programming search button to locate what ever it is you are interested in recording and watching and then give the DVR button a click and its all done. This means that you can set it to record the night before what comes on during the day when you are work such as daytime soaps or games and they will be there waiting for you when you get home from work.

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Written by David Johnson. Find the latest information on direct tv offers as well as dish network offers
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