Now Comcast Delivers Savings and Convenience with Bundled Services

Now more than ever is a great time to take a good look at what Comcast has for its customers in the way of savings and convenience. With bundled services from Comcast you can receive all of you homes telecommunications services and have them all covered on one easy to understand bill that has only one fee that covers all of the services from Comcast.There are no catches or gimmicks and the savings start on your first day of service. Take for instance their state of the art digital telephone service and the real savings that it offers, due to its streamlined efficiency of digital technology. All phone bill surprises are completely eliminated with Comcast’s new flat rate phone billing system, which allows you to pay one reasonable fee to use your phone as much as you like.You get free unlimited nationwide long distance calling including Canada and Alaska and that’s any time, day or night, all week long including weekends. Charges for phone calling convenience features are eliminated also, because you get all twelve of them at no cost to you including voice mail, call waiting and call forwarding just to name a few of them. So it’s not hard to see how the real savings can start to add up with this new phone system from Comcast.Comcast also has a new internet service as well that is a full one hundred times faster than standard dial up and six times faster than DSL. It’s called broadband high speed cable internet service and it makes the internet far more fun and expedient to use. If you are currently using a standard dial up service provider, then you are having to endure a lot of waiting time on the net and you may have even grown used to it.There is a log on wait and then a wait for anything else that you do online but with this new high speed service there is none of thatScience Articles, because everything happens instantly with the click of your mouse. There isn’t even the slightest wait to log on because you are always logged on with Comcast high speed cable. Now that you will be zipping around the net at breakneck speed you run a higher risk of encountering viruses and Comcast has you covered there. They provide each and every customer with free McAfee anti virus software for life and it comes with free lifetime upgrades as well. Your personal information is also protected with state of the art firewall software which also is free of charge from Comcast.Comcast has completely upgraded its TV programming service and they are now broadcast entirely in digital format for a crystal clear picture and sound every time you turn on your TV set. They also now have two-hundred and seventy-five channels to offer their viewers as well including a wide choice of high definition channels as well. Also because Comcast is a cable service provider there is no need for you to have any unreliable receiving equipment mounted on your home and no risk of trips to the electronics repair shop. 

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