Now Comcast Provides Three Bundled Telecom Services

If you are currently receiving all three of your homes telecom services from three separate service providers then each one of them really has no motive or reason to provide you with any real savings. With Comcast’s new supermarket style of marketing telecom services there is more room than ever for real savings and convenience, because they are now a volume dealer in these three services. The great thing about it is that you will get only one bill from Comcast each month that includes all three of your services on one simple fee for complete simplicity also. Comcast now has more channels to offer their family of viewers than ever and their total now stands at two-hundred and seventy-five channels that are arranged in a wide assortment of affordable programming packages. Also, because Comcast is a cable service provider there is no need for any problematic receiving equipment to be installed on your home, eliminating all chances of having to deal with an electronics repair shop. Comcast now also has a wide assortment of high definition channels in their very affordable high definition programming package with plans on adding even more channels in the near future.Because Comcast is a cable service they also feature on demand pay per view that delivers your movies to you right when you order them, unlike other service providers that can have you wait hours for your movies to arrive at your TV set. Comcast also now has the latest technology for you in their broadband high speed internet service and this new speed will allow you to do so much more in far less time then you may be used to. This is because it is six times faster than DS and a full one-hundred times faster than dial up service. For group competition video games there is no replacement for broadband high speed cable, because satellite high speed service comes with a slight delay that is caused by the signal traveling to and then from the satellite before it is registered in the game. This is why all the real winners in these games use cable high speed service.Comcast also does away with virus worries by giving each of their internet service subscribers free McAfee anti virus software with free lifetime upgrades. To protect all of your personal information in your computer they also provide all of the latest advancements in firewall protection and it’s free of charge also.Comcast now has the latest technology in their digital phone service that has slashed costs to rock bottom with a new flat fee phone billing system. Comcast has completely done away with end of the month phone bill surprises by giving away free of charge all of the services that have ran up your bills in the past free. Free unlimited nationwide long distance calling including Alaska and Canada comes with all of their calling plans as does all of your basic convenience features. There are twelve of them in total and they include voice mail, caller ID and call forwardingFeature Articles, just to name three of them.

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