Now With Comcasts Bundled Services You Reap Actual Savings

There is a new trend in telemarketing services called bundled services and Comcast is the leader in this trend by providing all of the services that they offer. Other service providers have grouped together in group marketing schemes to provide what on the outside appears to be bundled services, but after the sale is made you get you still services from several different providers. There is no real savings or convenience with them, because it’s actually the same as before with three separate providers sending you three separate bills.Comcast is different though, because they provide all of the services that they offer and you receive only one bill from Comcast that covers all of the services that you are receiving from them for maximum savings and convenience. Comcast has always been known for their TV programming but now they are offering two more services and one of them is a brand new flat rate digital phone service that has done away with unwelcome surprises on your monthly phone bill.Is an economical flat rate billing system that allows you to use your phone as much as you want with no effect on your bill. Nationwide long distance calling is free with this system and that includes Canada and Alaska, any time day or night, seven days a week. There is no charge for all of your basic hone convenience features as well and there are twelve of them in total including voice mail, call forwarding and call waiting, just to name a few of them. It’s a digital phone system so all your call placing is completely trouble free and reception is always superb.Their new broadband high speed internet service is also state of the art and it will completely change the way you use the internet. This is because it is one hundred times faster than standard dial up and six times faster than DSL. This means no more waiting for things to happen when you are on the net, because websites pop up instantly with a click of your mouse. There isn’t even a wait to log on wait with ComcastArticle Submission, because you are always logged on so you can sit down and go to work on your computer instantly any time that you want. For online shopping this means that you can zip around the net checking out all of the best deals before you make your final purchase. Of course Comcast is still a leader in TV programming and they have recently added even more channels to their repertoire. Their total now stands at two-hundred and seventy-five channels which may now be a new record for TV programming services. Comcast is a cable provider and this means that there is no need for problematic receiving equipment to be mounted on your home and because they are a cable service they also have on demand pay per view. In fact they now have two choices in on demand pay per view packages one being on demand pay per view and the other being Premiums On Demand pay per view. If you have any questions about any of the services that you receive from Comcast they have a twenty-four hour a day toll free customer service number that you can call to talk to a customer service representative.

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