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The number of online shops and website where customers can buy different goods and services is enormous and their popularity is growing due to their convenience. More and more merchants run their business online and accept credit cards online. Online business is very advantageous, as both merchant and customers are provided with a great number of opportunities. Now customers don’t need to leave their houses in order to buy a TV, microwave oven and other goods, as they can order them via the Internet and pay for their purchase using their credit and debit cards. All they need is a PC or laptop with an access to the Internet, credit or debit card with the help of which they are going to pay for their purchase and online shops which accept credit cards online.Online payment processing systems provide merchants with a great number of services and options. First of all, merchant need to set up ecommerce merchant account. There are different types of merchant accounts, which are designed for different businesses. There are accounts which are usually called direct accounts – they are provided for big companies which operate with big sums of money or which already have online payment processing history. Such internet merchant account can be entirely customized in accordance with needs of the company. Sponsored accounts are provided for those merchants who have medium risk business or who just have launched their online business. Anyway, both types of accounts are connected to the payment gateway or several payment gateways. Payment gateway is a link that processes all online payments. The customer’s financial information is transferred to the internet merchant account where it is stored. Online payment processing systems include a wide range of payment services and options which include payment modules for the most popular ecommerce software solutions, ecommerce merchant account payment gateways, shopping carts, electronic payment terminal, online payment page that can be customized in accordance with the design of your website, 3D Secure, fraud prevention and other services.If you want to improve your business and accept credit cards online and alternative payments as well, it is necessary to set up an account within a reputable online billing company that offers reliable and safe online payment processing services.

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Today more and more online shops  accept credit cards online for customers. Advantages of this method consist in the fact that ecommerce merchant account is easy to set up. And all financial history stores in internet merchant account.
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