Orchard Bank Card – Review


The Orchard Bank MasterCard is created for individuals with a damaged credit report. This card is issued by HSBC Bank.

This card has a unique application process. When you apply they will
match your credit score to one of four sub prime credit cards.

This includes a secured card and three unsecured credit cards. If you
have made some mistakes in the past with your credit then you are
guaranteed to be issued a card that corresponds to your credit score.

If you have many negative items on your credit report you will likely
be issued the secured card. With this card you must make a deposit and
then your card will have a credit limit equal to the amount of your

It works just like an unsecured card and you will have to make monthly
payments. Your APR will be between 8.9% and 14.9%; this is much lower
than most sub prime credit cards.

If you have only made a couple of mistakes with your credit then you
will likely be approved for an unsecured card. However if you prefer
the secured card you can be issued that instead.

The unsecured cards have an APR between 8.9% and 18.9%. One of the
unsecured cards will carry a $19 account set up fee and you will have
to pay a low annual fee.

The fees that come with the Orchard Bank cards are much less than any
other bad credit credit cards. In addition they offer much lower
interest rates too.

All of these cards will report to the three major credit bureaus. With
responsible use of your card you can build a positive payment history
on your credit report.

This is very important to your credit score. It is estimated 30% of your credit score comes from your payment history.

These cards will also help to improve your ratio of available credit to
debt. This is estimated to account for 30% of your score. It is how the
bureaus check to see if people are in over their heads financially.

You should know that once a bad credit item on your report ages four
years it will have much less influence on your score. However we do
still encourage you to remove bad credit items from your report.

In sum no matter what your credit history is; bankruptcy, judgments,
charge offs, collections you can be approved for an Orchard Bank credit
card. This card can be used to repair your credit score by creating a
positive payment history and improving your ratio of available credit
to debt.

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For more about the Orchard Bank Card or for more about bad credit credit cards visit us.
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