Overview Of Credit Card Payment Processing System


The probability to increase sales and subsequently your profits increase considerably if a business accepts all the major credit cards for payment. Whether you are selling your products or services, a PC based credit card processing system will help you streamline the flow of payments and you can accept payments from anywhere in the world.Every business is unique and so are the business requirements.It is essential that you always communicate your business needs affectively and look out for what the credit card processing company has to Offer. So when looking for company which provides PC based payment processing system, always select the company which understands your business requirements and can provide you customised solutions. A company which provides both the software solution and the knowledgeable technical support determines the success of your transactions.As the transactions and payments are a result of selling some product or services, the correct level of sales volume should always be communicated. You can request for the highest possible level of sales volume limit for underwriting purposes. This will help in sidelining the limitations of any future expansion plans.Every credit payment processing company has its own policies concerning their fee structure and fraud policies. You as a business should clearly be aware which policies best suit your business and will help in establishing a long term relationship with the services provider.One such system is PC-EFT ‘cardholder present’, PC-to-host enterprise payment processing solution that can be interfaced with a merchant’s system. System integration can be achieved using ServeBase’s simple API and with full development support. As a system interface, PC-EFT can also process ‘cardholder not present’ data.While looking for online payment Processing System, you can always relate your business requirements to the features of such system. The key features for such type of payment processing system can include acceptance of all major credit card schemes, multi channel processing, multi currency acceptance, real time or batch authorisation, EMV/chip and pin, dynamic currency conversions, transaction search facility, purchasing card data and end of day reporting. For example, the feature of real time credit card authorisation results helps you to accept or reject orders immediately and reduce the risk of any fraudulent transactions.The other key aspect that should be looked for while determining PC based credit card processing company, is the security. Make sure that the company has robust disaster recovery plans and you have access to their help desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.The other benefits of PC based payment systems include installation of local dedicated system, stand alone or fully integrated to your in-house system, usage with unlimited merchant numbers, processing the transactions simultaneously, charging the customers in their local currency, end of day reporting to monitor the progress of your business and the flexibility that you don’t have to change the solution even if you switch your bank or acquirer. In case of Servebase, you can be fully assured about their commitment to security which is determined by their compliance to the requirements of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for level 1 security providers. From the points highlighted above it is clearly evident that the acceptance of credit card payments has a huge potential to carry your business forward, so if you own a business it will be well worth your while to get the services of well established credit card payment processing company and watch the profits grow.Servebase aims to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to card industry market place with high levels of commitment to security by continuously improving their products and services to meet different business requirements.

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