Photo ID Card Printers and ID Badge Holder Enhance Security


It is common to find ID cards at the office, at events and in many
other areas of our daily life. Cards such as these are made at a desk
sized printer that is commonly located on a desk at the organizations
main office. ID cards can be printed and provided to employees, guests
and members of the organization. Often an ID badge holder is included
with the badge for easily displaying the card. Mainstream photo
ID card printers offer full color or monochrome ribbons with an
overcoat later to provide extra protection for the printed card. This
overcoat does provide protection to the card and provides a method of
securing the text and custom information printed on the card. There
have been tests, however, to show that this overlay can be stripped and
the text can be manipulated with the right chemicals. For this
reason, corporations and government needs often require the use of a
lamination of the plastic card. With the use of a laminate overlay, any
tampering with the card surface will be noticeable as the removal of
the overlay will also damage the surface of the card. The overlaminate
will provide additional protection for the card. Clear
overlaminates are available for cards that are need the additional
layer for security or increased durability. Some overlaminates are
holograms. These provide an extra flair to the card that can be
appealing and indicate a highly secure card. By using a custom
hologram, an organization can display a unique look using their choice
of logo or text that signifies that the card is branded to them and
that it has not be tampered with since issue. Many of the
professional ID card printers have the capability to add holograms to
the ID card at the time of card printing. The module in the printer can
be purchased at the time of card printer purchase. Some current
printers are able to be purchased without this module initially, with
the understanding that the lamination capability can be added by
purchasing it in the future and adding it in the field by the end user.
Lamination capabilities vary, but many printers have the option of a
single side card lamination option or a dual sided lamination
capability. These printers are more costly than a basic entry level
printer, but they provide extra security and are generally more durable.
The majority of printer manufacturers have a secure level line of ID
card printer models to choose from. Some of the models which provide
the lamination option are below: The Evolis secure printer is
called the Securion. It is a dual sided printer and contains additional
security features that are attractive to many organizations. The
warranty for this printer is 2 years or 100,000 card prints.
Fargo provides a flexible printer that can be upgraded with a
lamination unit in the field after purchase. The HDP means high
definition. This type of printing provides excellent printing results
by using a reverse transfer printing method. This printer has a two
year warranty with a lifetime printhead warranty. The Magicard
Tango+L offers both single and dual sided lamination with coordinating
printing options. It comes with Ethernet, USB and parallel
connectivity. A 3 year warranty is available with this printer.

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