Planning For Success – 3 Things To Consider


Planning for success in whatever the target of your focus may be begins with setting goals, having a plan and taking action! Of course the goals and/or objectives you do establish need to fill 3 criteria if you hope to actually achieve them!Let’s have a look at the 3 things you absolutely must consider when setting goals and mapping out a course of action!Are They MeasurableOne of the most important components of having a plan for achieving any goals is to also have ways to measure your results! Monitoring your progress is an absolute necessity because you want to be sure the actions you do take are productive! This serves to not only help you use your time more efficiently but by virtue of seeing progress this also helps to keep you motivated. Without having any means of measuring your results you can easily waste both your time and effort!Are They AdaptableWhen setting goals it is important to recognize that the road you take towards reaching your objectives will be paved with changes and challenges! Now having a plan is a great first start but you also have to consider how adaptable it may be in terms of addresses unforeseen changes and events! Ultimately it will be your ability to adjust to ongoing changes in the environment that will make the biggest difference as to what degree of success you do attain!Are They AchievableAre the objectives you set forth for yourself or your business realistic or perhaps the product of a whimsical dream? In so many words you MUST be realistic when establishing goals and formulating plans to achieve them! Resources such as your own skill set, finances and even time availability which may be the most important of all need to be ‘seriously’ considered! Remember ambition is good and can be used as a driving force when taking action towards any goals you may establish, but realism is much more useful in the planning stages! Having a plan you can’t possibly implement successfully is nothing more than setting yourself up for failure!Planning for success at anything first requires setting goals you can actually achieve and then taking action to do so! Our discussion above looks at the usefulness of having a plan that contain the 3 criteria previously mentioned! It is simply not good enough to establish a course of action unless this plan is both realistic and adaptable to any changes you may encounter! Failure to meet all the criteria discussed above will merely result in having a plan that will get you nothing other than frustrated and discouraged!

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