Powerful Components of Successful Goal Setting

Are you reaching your goals? Actually, let’s back that up a notch. Do you have any real goals?

What is a real goal anyway? Is it a drunken resolution that you make on New Year’s Eve? No no, that’s not a goal. A real goal is a target, a definite mark that you intend to reach. The key word in that sentence is INTEND. A goal that you do not whole-heartedly plan on striving for is not a real goal, it is nothing more that a wish, a hope, or a dream.

Let’s now assume that you are a goal oriented person, are you reaching your goals? Have you achieved every mark you have set for yourself? Are you constantly hitting your target, and then setting up a new one higher up? If you are not finding success in every area that you would like, you may be ready for a new strategy. I want to share a goal setting system that has worked extremely well for me, as well as for all the people who I have been fortunate enough to share it with.

There are four steps, simple steps really, that can allow you to reach any goal that you set for yourself. The size of the goal does not matter, large goals are just as easily reached as small ones. Remember, we are unlimited beings, and the only limitations we have in life are the ones that we impose on ourselves. By following the following four steps, you will be able to aim higher than ever before, and more often than not you will reach your mark.

Think Zero Limits

The starting point of all achievement is a goal. A goal, clear and definite, is where all success takes root. As I mentioned, the only limits that we have are the ones that we create in our own minds. Therefore, it is very important when setting your goals, that you take the “zero limit” point of view. Imagine that you could achieve anything that you wanted, because in reality you can.

It is very important to set your mark as high as possible. While a small goal may seem more “doable” than a large goal, it is really only limiting the results you will find. Setting high goals, goals that create excitement and passion inside of you, are the kinds of goals that bring people to higher planes. A goal that invokes emotion, one that really hits you in an emotional way, will be much more motivating when it is time to take action. Therefore, the first step in successful goal setting is aiming high, choosing what you really desire to accomplish. Pretend that you could do anything, what would it be?

Make It Concrete, Make it Real

Deciding what you really want to accomplish is definitely a great step, one that many people never take. You would be surprised if you asked 100 people what they really wanted in life, because less than a handful of them would have a clear, concise, definite answer. Taking this next step, one of the most simple steps in effective goal setting, will put you even further ahead of the masses. In fact, only 2-3 people out of that hundred will take a goal this far.

What is this simple step? GET YOUR GOAL IN WRITING, put it down on paper. Now this may seem like something that can be overlooked, but it’s not. A goal written on paper may not have tremendous value, but the value is in the act. The writing down of your goal reinforces your commitment to it, and it relays your target to your subconscious mind. Most people never tap into the vast intelligence of their subconscious mind, and therefore leave out a great amount of personal power. The subconscious mind knows all, and it will guide you in whatever direction you choose. If you do not give your subconscious mind a destination, it will wander aimlessly, and you will follow aimlessly behind.

Give Your Goal Attention…..DAILY!

It has been written, said, and taught for centuries that where our attention goes, so does our energy. We give energy to the world around us through our thoughts, and this energy is what will ultimately create our future. This being the case, it is critical that our goals get daily attention. If we want to reach our goals, they need to be fed on a regular basis, and the food is our thoughts, our attention, our true power.

It does not need to be a laborious duty to think constantly of our goals. If your goal is something that you would really enjoy accomplishing, thinking about it on a daily basis should be completely natural. I realize that some people have not gotten to the point where they are in complete control of their thoughts. Thoughts wander, that is their nature. Taking control over your thoughts is a goal all in itself, and a worthy one at that. Anyway you can begin right away to direct your thoughts in the direction of your goals. The simplest way that I have found (which is something that I have learned from a number of success gurus) is to keep your written goal with you at all times, and look at it throughout the day. Have your goal written on an index card or a small piece of paper, and keep it in your wallet or pocket. Whenever you have a few spare moments, take out your paper and read it, think about it, get excited about it. Think of your goal as already being accomplished, and feel really good knowing that it will one day be realized.

It’s Time to Take Action

Success has two main ingredients; thought and action. Action is the bridge that connects the thought world and the physical world. Action is where many people fail. They either fail to take action, or they take the wrong action. Luckily for you, if you have followed the steps above, you will never run into this problem. It all comes back to conditioning the subconscious mind. As I mentioned, our subconscious minds have infinite intelligence and knows the perfect path to the accomplishment of any goal.

By following the steps above you have decided a goal that inspires you, you have reinforced the importance of the goal by writing it down, and you are giving it daily thought and attention. What benefit does all of this have? Well it imprints the goal on your subconscious mind, therefore allowing you to utilize your most powerful resource. When a person is totally clear about where they are going, their subconscious mind leads them to spontaneous right action. Spontaneous right action is when you know each step to take, every move to make, and all of your effort is put forth into the right areas. If your subconscious mind knows your goal, it will relay to you every answer you will need. You simply need to follow you intuition, your inner guidance, and it will lead you to take the right action every time.

The Realization

If you followed the above steps, you will reach any goal you set in due time. There is only one thing that could possibly stop you at this point. What is it that could stop an unstoppable being? Quitting is the only road to failure. It is a broad road that often looks easier than the tight path toward success, and unfortunately many people opt to take it. If you make the commitment to follow your passion without halt until it has become your reality, you will never fail. If you continue forward no matter what, your goal will be realized. And this is the key. Following through on a resolution, all the way until the end, is what separates failures from the successful.

Decide what you want, and decide without limits. Give your dreams constant attention, and take action when you are inspired to do so. Keep moving forward, taking steps dailyFree Reprint Articles, and as your future unfolds you will invariably find yourself living what was once before only a dream.

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