Pro and Cons of Credit Card Debt Settlement Program


Americans are facing credit card debt and other high-interest debt unparalleled in history. Most folks realize that they are in trouble when they start using cash advances from one card to meet payments on another. Or, when they start using credit cards to pay for groceries or gasoline for which they used to pay cash. This unusual debt has caused many Americans to seek relief by employing bankruptcy law when they should probably be seeking a credit card debt settlement program.Credit Card Debt Settlement FactsCredit card debt settlement should absolutely be considered before even thinking about declaring bankruptcy. Here is how it works: a debtor approaches a creditor and asks for a reduction in the loan as a whole. Yes, credit card debt is a type of loan. When the debtor approaches the creditor, the debtor should let the creditor know about the difficulty in making the monthly payments.Some or NothingThe creditor usually understands the situation and is usually happy to come to terms. One thing, a lot of the debt is probably interest and late fees and the like. Wiping those costs off the loan would lower payments considerably. And the creditor is usually happy with the situation because they will be getting some cash back on the loan, whereas with a bankruptcy, they would stand to get nothing at all.Debt Settlement ServicesMany consumers overwhelmed with credit card may be reluctant to approach lenders with whom they may have had some bad experiences in the past. Some consumers are just shy or unsure of themselves. If that is the case, these folks should approach a debt settlement service. These services also have an extensive knowledge of finance markets, interest rates, consumer rights, and other applicable knowledge that the average consumer may not have.The Pros of Credit Card Debt SettlementIf does not mark the debtor as a bankruptcy, a designation that can stay on a credit report for up to ten years, at least seven. Overall debt can be reduced by as much as 60%. The consumer can more or less sit back and let the negotiator do all the tricky stuff – from the first call to the last payment. Depending on the size, credit card debt can be effectively eliminated in one to three years.Finding a Debt Settlement ServiceAs with any company, the consumer should be careful on choosing a debt settlement service. At this stage, consumers may be so overwhelmed they cast caution to the wind when the first person who promises relief is latched onto. The debtor should check credentials, customer feedback forums, the Better Business Bureau, and other avenue that comes to mind before settling on a debt settlement service. Some are just predators eager to exploit the emotional state of customers who are in over their heads in debt.The Cons of Credit Card Debt SettlementGoing to a debt settlement company to ease repayment obligations could, of course, put a temporary black mark on ones credit history – this is far less onerous than a bankruptcy. There are credit card debt settlement companies who play on the emotions of debtors, usually dragging them deeper into financial problems rather than really solving their debt problems.Many Americans Turning to Settlement ServicesWhile it will not happen overnight, it is possible to get out of overwhelming credit card debt. If a debtor has over $10K in credit card debt, it is probably well past time to start looking for a credit card debt settlement service. That option is so much better than bankruptcy. Many Americans are turning to credit card debt settlement services to ease their financial burden.

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