Progressive Web Apps: Why They Are All the Rage in eCommerce?

This article briefs about what are PWAs, benefits of it & the major reasons why it is said to be the future of Magento eCommerce.

The modern-day customer is not only finicky but also rather demanding when it comes to what they expect from companies. Now, in the pursuit to find, engage with, and appease customers in this cut-throat world, e-commerce businesses across all countries. It has consistently relied on novel technologies and tools to help them in their endeavors, such as the ones listed above. And, in return, they have found plenty of devices as well that have and continue to empower them with myriad benefits. But there is one name in particular that has evinced much interest from all quarters off late: Progressive Web Apps.

Let’s start with the definition: A progressive web app is described as a JavaScript-based application that runs via the browser. That’s the absolute basics. But that’s not all there is to progressive web apps; they are also highly responsive and are considered to be a highly feasible alternative to native apps. After all, they are independent of the platform, i.e., they are capable of running on any platform. It enables businesses to send push notifications and several other initiatives. It is with a standard app without the time as well as the cost that goes into making such apps. Now, if you are wondering if there is a catch, we hate to disappoint you, but there’s none. But to give you a better perspective, here are some reasons why it is often deemed to be the future of Magento e-commerce. Why Magento? Because it continues to be one of the leading choices of platforms in the industry.

1. Ease of maintenance: There is absolutely no doubt that full-fledged native apps have a world of convenience and functionalities to offer to the customers they serve. Unfortunately, it comes at a high cost for the company, especially when it comes to the upkeep of such apps. That’s where Progressive Web Apps come in — they are comparatively affordable to build, do not need regular bug fixing and other maintenance, or even constant updates.
2. Compatibility: You see, native apps can work only on the platform they are built for. It is which means you need to develop an individual app for every single OS you want to offer your app on. No such restrictions with Progressive Web Apps; i.e., they can run on any OS and any device as long as there is a web browser. 
3. Accelerated process: Progressive Web Apps are made using reusable codes, which ensures programmers can use the same code for other solutions as well. In addition to that, PWAs also allows e-commerce retailers to put out a solid means for customers quickly. They help engage with the business without needing to expend resources on a native app for every OS.

With every passing day, more and more companies are embracing PWAs as they see the value it offers for their businesses. So you want in too, get in touch with a trusted web and application development companyHealth Fitness Articles, and get started on your PWA right away!

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