Promoting an Affiliate Program Without a Website

Affiliate programs are
a great way for merchants to ply their wares online, utilizing a
larger network of sales representatives than they could ever afford
to employ on a regular basis. A truly reciprocal online situation,
affiliates prosper in direct proportion to the amount of sales they
lead to the merchant websites through their focused efforts. Sales
and leads are tracked in a precise manner through an affiliate
software tracking system put in place by all affiliate programs,
making sure that each affiliate’s efforts are rewarded with
their due compensation. While most long-term professional affiliates
use their own personally generated websites in order to promote their
affiliate merchant’s products and services, for those just
starting out, it could make better sense to market in other ways that
require less web design knowledge before taking the website route.

When trying on
affiliate marketing for size, it is advisable to start slow at first.
Admittedly, your chances of success increase exponentially when the
power of your own website is added to your strategy, but for some,
getting their site off the ground involves too much time and invested
energy, and that energy could be better used promoting a product and
generating profits. A great resource to utilize that is free and so
easy to setup is a blog. Google’s is an excellent
place to start as you will need an online resting spot for your
articles or content you need to begin writing. Writing and posting
informational and insightful content is extremely necessary in order
to promote your affiliate merchant’s product. By placing your
specially generated affiliate link in the author’s resource box
at the end of each article, viewers will be able to find the
affiliate merchant’s site easily in order to receive more
information or make a purchase. In addition to posting articles on
your blog and linking them to the merchant site, you should utilize
all the free resources across the Web to distribute your articles.
Sites such as ezinearticles, amazines, and many others will help
spread your content around the Net for free, provided you have
supplied good content that is not a blatant advertisement for the
product you are representing. Trading links with like advertisers
you meet by frequenting forums and discussion boards related to your
product is another way to get your affiliate links out there. Offer
to write content for another’s site in exchange for the
opportunity to post your links; he or she just might bite, increasing
your web of links.

Promoting affiliate
programs without your own website can be difficult, and in the future
you will probably want to bite the bullet and create a site. In the
meantime however, testing the waters by marketing sans site is
completely acceptable, doable, and most importantly, can be

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