Protect Your Gmail Email Account from Hackers

If you’re not a excellent person with computer or just got your first ever email account, this article is good for you. Protect Your Gmail Email Account from Hackers for anything from personal emails to friends to sending important letters to you bank or someone important, and some people are so sad and have nothing better in their life but to look into other peoples emails account for money, pleasure, or personal reasons, and can put your privacy and even your life at risk (on an extreme scale), so here are some steps on how you can protect your email like the government does. As a hacker, I know what you can and can’t hack through 🙂

Since the introduction of Google Mail in 2004 it has incorporate with it many advance features which has resulted in catching the attention of millions of users. Google an IT giant launches the product Gmail to provide an effective but very simple mail services. Initially where it was only providing with 1 GB of storage, today have been converted to 15 GB that include Google Drive and Google+. Other features that have been the highlight for Gmail are Quick links, Canned Responses, Default reply all, Apps Search, Unread message Icon, Custom keyboards and undo send.

             Now having all such facilities in one single place is what an individual need in modern era. It let you send or retrieve messages, data very conveniently that users almost, disregard all the threat associated with email services. Although Gmail provide an advanced security for protecting their customer’s data, still it is so possible that a good hacker with proper knowledge can get into your account and steal all your personal files. Perhaps this question hits most of the Gmail customers mind. That what a liable users should do to shield their personal message from an unwanted object?

           Unlike most major webmail providers, Gmail provides users with the option to encrypt all communication to the web server. The method of encryption used is SSL (Secured Socket Layer), which is same form of protection used while online transaction of money. Setting Gmail’s SSL requires no expertise; all you have to do is turn it on by following below steps: 

However there is no absolute solution for protecting your data against such threats. Any right guess could leave all your personal messages open in front of a hacker.  Still there are few measures which can be useful if followed: 

As prevention is always better than cure, so to avoid facing any breaching issue with your Gmail account do consider the above guidelines.

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